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Ambulette Service Brooklyn: When you require reliable and trustworthy ambulette service in Brooklyn or wheelchair accessible and gurney transportation in NYC, it's important to hire professionals you can trust. Benny Express provides wheelchair accessible transportation and two-men stair assist transportation throughout Brooklyn and into other boroughs of New York City. Benny Express ambulette service Brooklyn is available for medical and non-medical, non-emergency needs.

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Our skilled professionals have years of experience working with passengers in need of help getting into and out of transport vehicles. We're the clear choice for Brooklyn ambulette service because we offer the best value, the most comfortable vehicles and the most reliable service overall.

Doctor Visits and Hospital Transportation Ambulette Service Brooklyn

Scheduling is easy when you make an appointment with Benny Express. When you call, book your return visit at the same time one hour after your appointment start time. We'll be available to take you home, and if you aren't done with your appointment exactly an hour later, we'll wait to ensure that you have a ride to your next destination.

Non-Medical Ambulette Service Brooklyn

Need to visit friends? Run an errand? Can't take the subway or drive a car? Our non-medical ambulette service Brooklyn is available to get you to your destination, whatever that destination is. We provide transportation to spaces outside Brooklyn and will take you to any part of the city, including all 5 boroughs.

What is Ambulette Service

Ambulette service refers to specialized transportation designed to cater to individuals with medical needs or limited mobility. It involves the use of vehicles equipped with features like wheelchair ramps, lifts and safety restraints to accommodate passengers with disabilities or those who require assistance while traveling. Ambulette services are often utilized by seniors, individuals with disabilities and patients who need transportation to medical appointments, therapy sessions, or other healthcare-related activities. These services ensure that individuals can access essential services and maintain their independence.

Why Benny Express for Ambulette Service Brooklyn?

Benny Express is the clear choice for Ambulette service Brooklyn. For patients who need a safe way to get where they need to go, Benny Express is here for you.

Love getting where you're going with Benny Express ambulette service in Brooklyn. Call today to make an appointment for your next ride to the doctor, hospital, or around the city.

We offer 24-7 service and a flexible lineup of vehicles for different purposes, including:

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