Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Bronx

If you have ever searched "wheelchair accessible taxi Bronx," Nyc Wheelchair Accessible Transportation provides wheelchair taxi, limo, and ambulette services throughout the borough.

wheelchair accessible taxi Bronx

We are a non-emergency service provider and our wheelchair accessible taxi Bronx services include unmarked car or yellow cab options. You or a family member can reserve online or call us directly to book our services and our response time averages less than ten minutes.
Our suite of vehicles can accommodate not only standard and extra-wide wheelchairs, but scooters, recliners, and non-emergency stretchers.

Best Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Bronx

At NYC Wheelchair Accessible Transportation, our wheelchair Accessible taxi Bronx option is a great solution for those needing safe transportation around town in a vehicle designed for wheelchair accommodation.
Whether it is for a doctor’s appointment, airport drop off or pick up, Seaport drop off or pick up, an event like a wedding or party, or just a fun night out at a restaurant, our vehicles are spacious and comfortable. Safety is our top priority, so all wheelchair taxis come equipped with the appropriate anchorage points and lock connections as well as professional drivers and passenger assistance.  

Ambulette Service Bronx

Ambulette services are designed for non-emergency medical transportation needs and our NYC Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Bronx service provides same-day access. Our ambulette vehicles can accommodate standard and oversize wheelchairs, walkers, and even gurneys. All ambulette vehicles in our suite come equipped with a ramp or lift, so the person being transported can stay seated or supported the whole time (no transferring and no car seat switch). If the person needing our transportation services is located in a building with stairs, we also offer a “2 Men Assist” add-on that is door-to-door.

Two Men Assist Bronx

Two Men Assist Stairs Bronx services are critical in areas where there are no elevators or wheelchair accessibility routes like ramps. At NYC Wheelchair Accessible Transportation in addition to wheelchair accessible and specially designed vehicles, our two men assist service options to ensure safe navigation and transportation up and down stairs to or from our vehicle.  Two men assist services may vary based on customer weight and wheelchair design and we will work with customers to understand specific needs and requirements. Our two men assist teams are professional, compassionate, and trained to adhere to safety regulations.
As with our entire suite of services, our two men assist option is for non-emergency medical or day-to-day needs.

Airport Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Bronx

If you or a loved one is in a wheelchair and need to be picked up or dropped off at a local airport, Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Bronx provides daily services to or from the Bronx.
We are able to drive to or from JFK International Airport (including the Heliport), LaGuardia, Newark, Westchester County, Long Island MacArthur, New York Stewart, and LDJ airports. As mentioned above in our other services, our airport wheelchair taxis can accommodate standard or oversized wheelchairs, stretchers, recliners, scooters, and walkers along with other passengers.
Through our services, we also offer real-time flight tracking and notification services regarding delays to ensure the appropriate pick up and drop off timing. This serves to eliminate stress and provides additional logistics support.  
In addition to airport pick up and drop off needs, NYC Wheelchair Accessible Transportation can also provide transportation to the South Street Seaport, Manhattan Cruise Terminal, and Cape Liberty Cruise Port. industry.We offer 24-7 service and a flexible lineup of vehicles for different purposes, including:

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