Non Emergency Medical Transportation NYC

Non-emergency medical transportation NYC services are transportation options for those who need to get to and from medical appointments, but who are not in a life-threatening emergency situation. We provide non-emergency transport, Scooter, Ambulette service and wheelchair taxi

non emergency medical transportation nyc

At benny express you can rest assured that you'll receive prompt, professional, and courteous service. Our drivers are experienced in non-emergency medical transportation, and we're equipped to transport wheelchair users and those with other special needs. We understand that getting to and from medical appointments can be a challenge, so we'll be there every step of the way. Whether you need transportation to a doctor's appointment, hospital outpatient treatment, or dialysis session, we'll make sure you get where you need to go.

Medical Transportation Specialist in NYC

Benny express team is here to help you with any non-emergency medical transportation. With highly trained drivers and attendants, we will make sure that your transportation fulfills all requirements for a safe journey - whether it be getting from home or office-related appointments around new york and new jersey city

When you need non-emergency medical transportation in NYC, Benny Express Transportation is the name you can trust. We provide reliable, compassionate, and affordable transportation for a variety of medical needs, including:

Doctors visit

Doctor visits can be a difficult and expensive task. Luckily, Benny Express offers non-emergency medical transportation from your home to the hospital. With this service you don't need any more worries about how much it will cost or if there are alternatives available in case something comes up along the way because we've got everything covered here at our company so all that matters is being taken care of right away by us which makes life easier as well.

Non-emergency medical transportation near me nyc

Non-emergency medical transportation services are often needed across the New York metro area and surrounding areas. For these reasons, we provide quality non-emergency near me trips within 15 minutes of your request! If you don't have access to a wheelchair then our drivers can bring theirs for you; they will take care of all needs during their time with you.

Two men stair assist non-emergency Medical Transportation NYC

We provide two men stair assist to carry you up and down the stairs, be it a just bringing you down the stairs or taking you to your doctors appointment we can do all of that for you, we also can provide a wheelchair if needed, all our vehicles are wheelchair accessible and has a ramp.

Surgery & Hospital Check-in and Discharge

Reserve your hospital and surgery check-in or discharge for the date you need, with a few clicks. We make it easy to book yourself in at anytime!

24 Hour Transportation Services

Industry. We offer 24-7 service and a flexible lineup of vehicles for different purposes, including:

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